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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                    2Q

I dined at the Marchioness de Sillery's and
supped with the Beauveaus.

December yd. Spent the evening at the Duchess
de Grammonfs. She is drawn to the life in " Adele
et Theodore,"1 in the character of a lady the
Viscountess meets at Spa. Madame de Sillery read
it to us, and said it was like her, except the beau-
coup d'esprit, which she does not think Madame
de Grammont really has. The Mar6chal de Beau-
veau's portrait is drawn in the same book, and,
although very charming, is by no means flattered.

gth, I went to St. Germain to spend two days
with Madame de Lamarck.

loth. Went out shooting with Mr. Durell in
the vineyards of Poissy. Partridges in vast flocks.

When James II. resided at St. Germain his
Court was kept up with as much etiquette as that
of Louis XIV. at Versailles. At his dinner he and
the Queen were alone seated and attended by a
complete household of lords and ladies, stars,
garters and ribands. The famous Duke of Tyr-
connel, Talbot, a man of blunt speech, was Lord
Chamberlain. The Duke of Berwick, natural son
to the ex-King, and then a general of reputation in
the French army, had no more honours shown to

i A novel, by Madame de Genlis (Sillery).